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To purchase one of our products, a customer must know:

  1. General features:
    1. You must be able to checkout using one of the payment options available on our SHOPUSA e-commerce store and on our payment platform. Prices and payment conditions featured on our website are exclusive for purchases on the e-commerce store.
    2. Payment is processed by
    3. The product is sold by KERAMER CORP.
    4. Usage of Credit Cards and Online Banking through is bound to that platform’s Terms of Service and Conditions and to the issuing banks’ own policies.


  1. Payment with

Said Payment Option is available and features tech support and safety tools that are standard to the industy, such as:

  1. Transmission and storage of sensible informate through safe-use protocols and mechanisms.

To proceed with the payment, follow these easy steps:


If you already have all your desired products in your cart, click on the “Go to Checkout” button that appears as you deploy your Shopping Cart. To finish your order, you only need to fill-out your data, select your delivery method and payment method. All of these are safe, simple and quick to complete.



Whenever you’ve completed a purchase (including payment validation) you will receive an e-mail confirmation from payment platform. Please remember that the timeframe in which this confirmation will arrive depends on the chosen payment method, the payment platform’s own policies and also those of your issuing bank.



To proceed with billing, you must of working age and legally able (older than 18 years old) and must have the following information available at the time of your order:

  • Full name
  • E-mail.
  • Billing Address (including State, city and Zipcode)
  • Shipping address (including State, city and Zipcode)
  • Contact number.


You must accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies to proceed with the purchase.


Once the we confirm the payment of your order, we will issue a bill and send it through e-mail in a PDF format.

If your data is already saved on the site, identify and choose both the billing and shipping address. Otherwise, add a new address, providing the required information.